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23 Classic Novels

literature, novels, classic books

Resale rights are included. You may sell these eBooks for profit, or simply buy them for your own information and reading pleasure.


frankenstein, mary shelley


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war of the worlds

*20,000 Leagues Under The Sea – Jules Verne

*Around the World in 80 Days – Jules Verne

*Aesops Fables (80 Fables) – Rubric Aesop


*The Red Badge of Courage - Stephen Crane (1871-1900)

*The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin – With Introduction & notes edited by Charles W Eliot (1909)

*A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens

*A Child's Garden of Versus – Robert Louis Stevenson

*On the Duty of Civil Disobedience - Henry David Thoreau - [1849, original title: Resistance to Civil Goverment]

*Common Sense – Thomas Paine


the time machine, h g wells

*At the Earth's Core - Edgar Rice Burroughs

*Frankenstein (the Modern Prometheus) - Mary Wollstonecraft (Godwin) Shelley

*The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – Mark Twain

*Manifesto of the Communist Party - [From the English edition of 1888, edited by Friedrich Engels]

*The Scarlet Letter – Nathaniel Hawthorne

*Sense & Sensibility – Jane Austen

*Sleepy Hollow – Washington Irving

*The Hunting of the Snark. An Agony in Eight Fits - Lewis Carroll

*Sun Tzu On The Art of War – The Oldest Military Treatise in the World - Translated from the Chinese by Lionel Giles, M.A. (1910)

*The Time Machine – H G Wells

*Treasure Island – Robert Louis Stevenson

*The War of the Worlds – H G Wells

*The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - L. Frank Baum

wizard of oz, judy garland

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