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UK Mobile Mania! Where Do eBay Sellers Get Their Stock From?


cell phone, mobile contract

Resale rights are included. You may sell these eBooks for profit, or simply buy them for your own information and reading pleasure.


This is NOT just another Mobile Phone Wholesale list...Just look at what else is included!!

If you have ever bought a Mobile Phone Wholesaler list of eBay before then I guarantee that a lot of the links did not work or went straight to a temp search engine due to the URL being out of date. Am I right?

I also guarantee that the prices that were stated in the actual advert description were nowhere to be found in the few Wholesaler links that was I right again?

How do I know this you may ask? simple, I too have been conned into buying nearly every Mobile Phone Wholesale guide that has been advertised on eBay, and through this experience I know exactly what they contain.

I have paid between 99p to £9.99 for the privilege of getting the same old tired links but from a different seller and in a different package...and usually more expensive!
I have also bought Wholesale lists supposed to be UK suppliers...Only to find that as much as 99% of the contents were actually Wholesalers that were based in Taiwan or China!

BUT Now is the time for change...Read on and you will be amazed at what this NEW e-book contains!

The 2005 UK Mobile Maniacs TM
"This e-book is outstanding"

40 Selected Links with a description explaining what is good about the link & what to expect!

UK Mobile Phone Wholesalers

UK Mobile Phone Traders .

UK Mobile Phone clearance websites

UK Mobile Phone dealers who offer excellent Special Offers

UK Mobile Phone Accessory Wholesalers

UK Mobile Phone Accessory Traders

UK Traders who offer Mobile Phones for Auction

A section that explains " pay as you go " and if you would be better opting for a contract phone !

A section explaining the problems you may encounter regarding Network & Coverage
from the Top 4 major mobile phone suppliers

A link to a Forum board that is dedicated to, and used by Bulk Suppliers of Mobile Phones

A section that lists 10 Top Websites that offer FREE downloads for your Mobile Phone including 100s of Games, 1000s of Ringtones, 1000s of Wallpapers etc..

A section that lists the A to Z of all Major Mobile Phone Manufacturer Websites

A section that lists Websites where you can download 100s of the latest Mobile Phone Unlocking Programmes & Software FREE! (Some can be found on eBay for £4.99 each)

A Bonus section that lists other sources where you can buy even more cheap products!!

All listed Suppliers offer highly discounted mobile phones & accessories.
As stated, All are based in the UK so one (or more) may actually be beside where you live! they all supply to the retail trade, so any eBay member wanting to start selling mobile phones, accessories or gadgets here on eBay will be thrilled with this e-Book.

All relevant information is included for you to contact any of the many companies that are listed, including..
Website Address.
Full postal address
Contact Telephone numbers & FAX numbers

GUARANTEED: There is NO other e-book like this for sale anywhere on eBay, maybe even the Internet!


As well as all the great info that you receive within this e-book, there is also a link that will take you to a website where you can download 117 High Quality Products free of charge, the cost of these Products if bought separate would be in excess of $7,895.97 !
All of these Products come with full resell rights so you can download and start selling them today


40 Selected Links with a description

UK Mobile Phone Wholesale sources

UK Mobile Phone Trader sources
UK Mobile Phone Clearance sources

UK Mobile Phone Special Offer sources
UK Mobile Phone Accessory Wholesale sources

UK Mobile Phone Accessory Trade sources
117 Free Gifts that total in excess of $7,895.97

And lots more........

mobile phone, cell phone

An internet connection is required to view this eBook.

This e-book enables you to Make Money & Save Money a number of different ways!


Can you afford to miss out on this great info?
Download today, instant delivery

Price only $4.99


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