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Earn Money While You Sleep With Premium Rate Profits


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Resale rights are included. You may sell these eBooks for profit, or simply buy them for your own information and reading pleasure.

Please feel free to resell this ebook byt, DO NOT include in your advertising the premium rate number that is in it, because we cannot control the quality of the advertising. Certain information must be included should you wish to place this premium rate number in any listing.


In this Ebook we will explain how easy it is to earn money selling premium rate services, we will show you where to get a premium rate service from and we will tell you all about the business. LEARN FROM SOMEONE IN THE BUSINESS, learn how to generate cash whilst you sleep.

Furthermore we will show a company selling two premium rate services for the price of one! You do not need to sell adult services either, in fact there are more profitable services to sell; we will tell you about all the ways to make money with your premium rate phone service.

We will show you all the different types of service on offer, horse tipping, joke lines + many more, we will give a brief overview of each line, the benefits of each service.

Simple, you can!

You can learn from someone in the business, our ebook explains how you get started in this inexpensive venture. And yes, you can easily learn in this very, very simple business when you know how. We will tell you about advertising and all the facets required too get you off the ground and earning money.

But what about staff! Office space! Specialist equipment! Monthly line rental fees! Supplying content! What about legal issues? What about bad debts?

We shall explain how this business works and why those issues are not relevant. How? All is revealed inside the ebook Premium Rate Profits!

Remember the opportunity inside the book introduces you to a company selling two lines for the price of one! With support from your premium rate service provider, website, flyers, artwork and phone support, everything you need is all inclusive because we know who to ask and we will reveal them to you!

We will show you how and where to get your lines up and running in 24 hours!

Buy this ebook today and tomorrow you can be earning money!

So do you want to start earning 75p a minute per caller for doing nothing? A simple question, remember multiple callers at the same time are a reality with up to an average duration of 16 minutes per caller; that is an industry fact! You can earn serious money.

Lets not consider millions, we am not earning millions, no where near but our business is building nicely; yours can to. The extra revenue we get is fantastic and we have the same amount of hours in the day as we did before!

10 callers a day, average duration of 4 minutes = £30 a day

Per year = £10950

Not bad for doing nothing! The average line earns £1200 a month and that is barely scratching the surface, remember it is money for nothing; you are not working for it. Why not own three lines or even four.

For £2.99 you get an informative eBook of 3000 words plus experience pooled from ourselves and insider information from people working in the business. There are links for resources and a link directly to the company who provides us with our lines with a special two for one offer.

Learn from someone doing it. That's how we got into the business through someone willing to share their experiences, someone who knew the right people to talk to. We hope you will to.


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